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  • Running Sql Server Linux on a Docker Container

    One of the new features added to the SQL Server 2016 is the ability to run it on Linux. Along with that, they brought in support for Docker and released an official image which is available in Docker Hub. It has already got over 5 million + pulls from the repository and is gaining momentum day by day. Let's see the various steps for setting up a container based on this image.

    Step 1 

    Search for the image in the Docker Hub and pull the official image from the Docker hub

    docker search microsoft

    So the image we are looking for is  mssql-server-linux

    docker pull microsoft/mssql-server-linux

  • Tech Trivia

    I have a table with only one column which stores  date values as shown below

    Now I want to sort the data in the descending order of the date and needs to display it in the mm/dd/yyyy format. So,  Select Convert(VarChar(10),FeedDate,103) FeedDate From Test Order By FeedDate Desc

    Can anyone tell me why is this is not getting sorted as I intended ?