Serializing and Deserializing Json in .NET Core 3.0 using System.Text.Json API

The post is based on .NET Core 3.0 version

Last October, the .NET Core team at Microsoft has announced that they are stripping out Json.Net, a popular library used by developers for serializing and deserializing the JSON from the upcoming version of the framework. Along with that, they also announced that they are working on a new namespace System.Text.Json in the framework for doing the same. With the release of the latest preview version of .NET Core 3.0, developers will now be able to make use of this namespace for performing JSON operations.

The new namespace comes as part of the framework and there is no need to install any NuGet packages for using it. It has got the support for a reader, writer, document object model and a serializer.

Why a new library now?

JSON is one of the most widely used formats for data transfer especially from the client-side, be it web, mobile or IoT to the server backends. Most of the developers using the .NET Framework were relying on popular libraries like Json.NET because of the lack of the out of the box support provided by Microsoft.

One of the major reasons to develop a new library was to increase the performance of the APIs. To integrate the support for Span<T> and UTF-8 processing into the Json.NET library was nearly impossible because it would either break the existing functionality or the performance would have taken a hit

Even though Json.NET is getting updated very frequently for patches and new features, the tight integration with the ASP.NET Core framework meant these features got into the framework only when an update to the framework is released. So the .NET team has decided to strip the library from the framework and the developers will now be able to add it as a dependency in .NET core 3.0 meaning they will be free to choose whichever version of the Json.NET library they want

Now the developers has got two options for performing the Json operations, either use System.Text.Json namespace or use Json.NET library which can be added as a NuGet package and using AddNewtonsoftJson extension method.

Referring the library in your projects

.NET Core
To use it in a .NET Core project, you will need to install the latest preview version of .NET Core.

.NET Standard, .NET Framework
Install the System.Text.Json package from NuGet, make sure that you select Includes Preview and install version 4.6.0-preview6.19303.8 or higher

As of now, the support for OpenAPI / Swagger is still under development and most probably won't make be available in time for .NET Core 3.0 release.

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